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you mean sex sells?

A couple of times, I’ve pimped Gentlemen’s Top Cuts. Barry decided to tag along and my sooper seekrit sources say he has an invite forthcoming.

Meanwhile, KAG says she doesn’t get it. But, it turns out, she does get it she just doesn’t approve:

This sounds incredibly lame to me. What sort of guy is going to actually pay to have his hair cut at this place? I suspect Gentlemanís Top Cutsí clientele (sic) will end up consisting largely of men who spend much of their time playing video games in the basement apartments they share with their cats, located underneath their momsí houses – guys whose actual dating/love lives are so sad that it actually gives them a thrill to have their split ends lopped off by a stranger in a bikini.

Wow. Sexist much? I find this quite funny since in the preceding paragraph she chastises Gentlemen’s Top Cuts for being sexist as she thinks, and man it takes a logical leap, the name is a reference to pieces of meat. As opposed to a reference to, say, another prominent chain of salons.

Of course, there could be something to her video game reference. Heh.

Basically, Gentlemen’s Top Cuts is applying the Hooter’s concept to hair cuts. Men don’t go to Hooter’s for the overpriced beer and the crappy wings. They go to check out the women and watch the sports on HD TeeVee. It’s not hard to get, really. I mean, you take a proven concept and apply it to something else. Something KAG is familiar with.

I confronted her on her bout of misandry here.

It amuses me how some folks are a bit too prudish about the whole selling sex thing. It reminds me of the various anti-gay arguments which basically all boil down to Ick!

10 Responses to “you mean sex sells?”

  1. Breda Says:

    Men like to look at pretty girls in bikinis… what’s so hard to understand?

    And if a haircut is the end result? Bonus!

  2. katie allison granju Says:

    You’re right: “I don’t get it” was not an accurate summation of the point I actually made. I do get it. I get that sex sells (and yeah, I totally ripped off the NiT concept – no big secret there. I even asked Brittney for advice on how to copy the great job she did.).

    I still find the idea of a man paying a very young woman in her underpants to shine his shoes pretty pathetic.

    Get a real date, already.

  3. Breda Says:

    Katie, you might want tell the girls shining those shoes to “get a real job already”.

  4. mike w. Says:

    Sex sells. It’s a simple fact and that woman needs to get over it. How many guys will go see (or rent) a mediocre/terrible movie simply because some hot woman is in it? Examples. Any Jessica Alba movie, Underworld/Underworld Evolution, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    How well do you think Victoria Secret would do if they used obviously unattractive women to model their products? Everyone, men AND women, prefer to look at attractive people. That’s human nature.

  5. mike w. Says:

    Also, if a young woman has certain “assets” that allow her to hold a job based on sex appeal what’s so wrong with that? I know a girl who works at Hooter’s. She has the looks & attitude for the job, and is making quite a bit of money working part-time as a high school senior. I say why the hell not? Good for her!

  6. SayUncle Says:

    I still find the idea of a man paying a very young woman in her underpants to shine his shoes pretty pathetic.

    I’ve never seen that particular service offered. And you find it pathetic because you’re assuming that every man going is some socially inept loser who plays video games in his mom’s basement (you know, your misandry). Here’s a news flash: losers in their mom’s basement won’t shell out $9 for beer or $40 for a haircut.

    Get a real date, already.

    Seems the part you still ‘don’t get’ is that it’s not a substitute for a date. it’s entertainment.

    You just think it’s icky.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    BTW, i wasn’t criticizing knoxville is talking. I like the site and read it daily. I’m just saying folks tend to stick with what works.

  8. LissaKay Says:

    The “icky” feeling that some women get from this has less to do with the fact that “sex sells” than with their own perceptions of being held to the same standard as women that “sell” that sex, justified or not. They don’t like to think they don’t measure up. Of course, women with well-adjusted self-esteem know better, but even so, there is still an envy factor (damn if I had boobs like that … )

  9. workinwifdakids Says:

    Most women who can’t stand places like Hooters are either ugly or insecure. My wife is the *best* woman on the planet, and knows I would never, ever leave her for anyone else, no matter what. Thus, I go and do whatever I want, and would never stray.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m recommending they branch out: tax filings and accounting in a bra and panties, anyone?

  10. F-Stop Says:


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