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whipping boy

Ahab found an anti-gun group in Indy. Wow. With Tam and Og and Roberta near by, that group is in some serious trouble.

6 Responses to “whipping boy”

  1. og Says:

    ahah!!! Hahhahahahahaha!~!!

    Hahaha!!! Hahhhahahaha!!!

    Sweeet. Thanks for the link. I’m gonna go pee in their cornflakes as soon and as often as possible.

  2. Dave Says:

    I can’t swear that I’ve heard of them before, and I have lived in the Indianapolis area for a large chunk of my lifetime.
    Like Ahab said, Indiana is very pro gun for the most part, and it is pretty bipartisan in that, at least compared to many places.
    Heck, many of the democrats I know have bigger gun collections than I do.

  3. Ahab Says:

    Indeed; I know that at least three of the people that I frequent Eagle Creek with are Democrats.

  4. rightwingprof Says:

    Never lived in Indy (thank God), but if I were looking for gun grabbers, I’d look for them there or in Lake County.

  5. Gunstar1 Says:

    They are a member of the Freedom States Alliance that is funded by Joyce Foundation. However instead of their normal astroturf, in this case it seems like a group you can actually join.

  6. straightarrrow Says:

    Gary is the only outright bastion of anti gun idiocy that I am sure of in Indiana.

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