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Quote of the day

Maineshark in comments to a thread referenced earlier:

Firearms don’t “magically” defend you against attack.

What firearms “magically” do is make a 90-pound woman physically equal to a 300-pound male rapist.

3 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Justthisguy Says:

    That “Maineshark” link goes to an elljay account which requires one to prove he’s a grownup in order to look at it.

    I’ll not look at it. I know I’m a grownup, and have been one for about 40 years.

  2. DJMoore Says:

    Wow. The discussion starts with a few comments along the lines of “that’s so terrifying”, and the ever-popular idea that carrying a gun is “sad” and, even worse, “individualistic”. (When did “individualistic” get to be bad? That says so much….) There’s Interrobang’s comment that the idea the Jews could have defended themselves against the Holocaust is “particularly offensive”.

    Then every comment after that, about three dozen of them, is pro-self-empowerment. Facts, references, and reasonable argument. No screaming, no threats, a bit of mild skepticism, maybe, but no spittle, no demonization. A couple of very weak attempts to question some minor facts are immediately answered, calmly, factually, devastatingly.

    And the gun fearing weenies have nothing, absolutely nothing, to say in response. I can’t find any follow up on site or off supporting the original idea that guns are bad.

    I’d love to know how that went over in sociology class.

    Could it possibly be that we’re actually pushing back the tide?

  3. Britt Says:

    DJ we’ve been pushing back the tide for years. We’ve taken the best they given and spat them back out. The older guys held the line through the Dark Times of the Clinton Administration. Now it’s up to the young guys to roll them back. Check out Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. We’re the future of the gun rights movement and I have to say the future looks damn good.

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