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Colored guns

So, Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is hopping on board the colored guns are evil and designed to kill our children bandwagon. Now, the anti-gunners have done a lot of really, really stupid things but his is probably the dumbest one yet. Seriously. Think about it. They’re encouraging laws banning paint.

Sebastian has more here (with pics) and here’s a description of the Duracoat process, which is considerably more than just paint.

3 Responses to “Colored guns”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    Yeah, but those who are uninformed/uninterested in the gun issue will agree with them more than they will us.

    Like I’ve said, I’m not for banning any gun, but this gives the anti’s another wedge issue that most people will agree with them on.

  2. david c roach Says:

    “the Paul Helmke I know” and i’m telling you all this for free( & “15 minutes” of fame)
    e-book autobiography:
    google “paul helmke”
    the brady center/campaign guy- wants to take away your guns
    yea! that guy. a nice sized fish to skewer

    i’m not a spammer. i’m a whistleblower. i’m seeking justice. I’m a citizen activist, who cleaned up a city of illegal gambling. (I deserve a police medal/citation, really)I have a true story to tell- relevant, timely- given all the other politicians going down like dominos.(or ON “Dominos”?)( 007-thunderball)
    e-mail me back with any questions, or post to my blog.
    thank you.
    david c roach
    x-wire publishing

    please help turn this scandal “viral”- forward this to everybody in your address book, and re=post it to interested blogs. make sure it gets onto google- everywhere, global news- so my hometown/Indiana law enforcement/US Federal agencies cant say : we dont know anything about this. when they take away our rights, and guns, we all become slaves.
    and please bookmark my blog, for your later amusement. thank you!

  3. david c roach Says:

    thank you for checking out this report. I’ve added to the story- filled in some facts, timeline, etc.

    the reason this is important, is if brady center/ leadership is discredited, so too is the leading gun control advicacy organization.
    Paul Helmke was a crooked Mayor in fort wayne indiana. and now he’s in charge of the brady center.
    with DC vs. Heller, if SCOTUS rules in favor of Heller, it will also topple local gun bans across the US- a victory for gun rights /owners.
    My main goal is to see paul helmke indicted, convicted of a felony, imprisoned in club fed, and disbarred from law, and other jobs where he will cause all of us this much trouble.
    so thank you!