Reasoned Discoursetm updated

Sebastian reports the real variety is happening here and here. Good. They have stones

Meanwhile, stone-less Bryan Miller can’t let those pesky comments that don’t fit the narrative in.

3 Responses to “Reasoned Discoursetm updated”

  1. Sebastian says:

    NJ Voices uses a time delay spam filter, which I think confuses a lot of people. It can take several minutes for a post to appear. I’ve never had any problems with comments there. I know the admins can delete some comments, but Bryan hasn’t deleted any of mine that I’ve noticed. I did notice he deleted a lot of Jadegold’s

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    My comment to his most recent post had shown this morning. I had done several page refreshes without result when I posted about not being able to comment.

    The comment I made on March 5th has not shown up.

  3. Mikee says:

    I submitted comments at both posts, neither has appeared after 24 hours.