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CNN kicks out the anti-gun bias with the help of ATF

ATF Agent Tom Mangan is at it again. You may be asking yourself: Where do I know that guy? Here’s a hint.

6 Responses to “CNN kicks out the anti-gun bias with the help of ATF”

  1. countertop Says:

    wouldn’t it be funny if someone filed a Data Quality Act petition with the ATF forcing them to withdraw the public statements of Tom Mangam???

    Hmm . . . .

  2. countertop Says:

    Here’s a link to DOJ’s Data Quality guidelines

  3. Billy Beck Says:

    Before I hit that link, I thought I was the only one in all the blogs who knew anything about Title 18.

    On the other hand, I discovered — twenty-one years ago — how nearly impossible it is to get a case like that into federal court.

  4. Tom Stone Says:

    The Law does not apply to agents of the federal government any more.

  5. Gun Blobber Says:

    I found this particularly interesting:

    Officer Cesar Quitana patrols a dangerous barrio in Juarez, Mexico. He is armed with an M16 assault rifle — a weapon that would be no match in a gunfight with drug lords.

    Wait, you mean this dangerous high-capacity assault rifle isn’t actually all that powerful? *gasp*

    Actually the problem with this quote is that the officer is undergunned when facing multiple opponents with *any* type of gun, which is the likely scenario. But it is wonderfully ironic that he’s cited as “no match” for US civilian-legal weapons when he’s got a full-auto military M-16, banned to us peons north of the border!

  6. countertop Says:

    Bill Beck, are you referring to the Data Quality Act? Its actually an amendment (well, I guess thats what you’d call it – it was really an appropriations rider) to the Paperwork Reduction Act which is Title 44. Title 18 is the criminal code.

    Tom Stone – what are you talking about?