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Heller Stuff

Too much to do multiple posts. So, here you go:

Xrlq has a prediction.

Countertop does too (more discussion in comments).

NRA has updated their Heller page. Anyone got the arguments in MP3 or some useful audio format? Seriously, who uses Real Media? (no, not blaming NRA because that’s how the files comes) ETA: Ask, and ye shall receive. MP3 here. Thanks Justin.

Quotes from after.

Leibowitz comments
. I love this quote (paraphrase):

I’m a federal guard. I carry a gun at work to protect the politicians. When I go home, though, they’ve decided that my life is not worth as much. They’ve decided I can’t use a gun to defend myself at home.

Lots of audio commentary at DownrangeTV.

Best line from oral arguments: After Dellinger said trigger locks could be removed quickly:

So then you turn on the lamp, you pick up your reading glasses…

It’s always fun to watch the Brits.

Another prediction.

Heh. A prediction guaranteed to be true.

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  1. Justin Buist Says:

    MP3 version of the Oral Arguments can be found here.