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Heller Links

Note: I’m just gonna put all the Heller stuff in this one post. If you get any info, leave it comments.

First of all, Godspeed and good luck Messrs. Gura and Levy.

The NRA has lots of information on it here.

Levy has a piece in the Globe.

SCOTUSBlog will live blog it. They have a a round up commentary here.

Joe has an email from Alan Korwin, who is in line too.

TriggerFinger: Will an individual-right ruling in Heller disrupt criminal law? Chris Casteel says yes.

59% of Violence Policy Center Staffers support restrictions identical to Washington, DC’s gun laws! What? If they can make shit up, I can too.

Kevin reminds us that no matter how it turns out, there’s always plan B.

Update: More in the WSJ.

Update 2 (and bump): Keep and Bear Arms has a round up.

John Lott has a bit at NRO.

Update 3: Glenn has a piece here.

Update 4: Sebastian tells us pro-gun representation is low outside the court and that Petey Hamm and Paul Helmke are there. And NRA no where to be found?

Update 5: My sooper seekrit sources tell me all the NRA folks aren’t there because they’re inside the court room.

Update 6: Speaking of Plan B, Fenty and crew are already pondering ways to circumvent the court’s ruling if the good guys win.

Update 7: Live blogging has started at ScotusBlog.

The NYT: Our readers are stupid.

Update: based on comments at SCOTUSBlog, there may be hope for Kennedy, which is who I worried about.

Update: Interesting: There was a seemingly broad consensus that the right would not extend to machine guns, plastic guns that could evade metal detectors, and the like. Well, one of those is made up.

Lots of links at TriggerFinger.

Update: C-Span says arguments have concluded and they’ll have the audio soon.

13 Responses to “Heller Links”

  1. chris Says:

    Will an individual-right ruling in Heller disrupt criminal law?

    Only unconstitutional criminal laws.

  2. illspirit Says:

    I put on my tinfoil hat, and went skiing down the slippery slope to think of how an adverse ruling could affect other rights. If anyone is interested:

  3. Carlton Says:

    Check out this link for what Mayor Fenty is also saying about “Plan B” in the Washington Post –
    Scumbag, it’s day one and he’s already talking about how to circumvent the ruling if/when it doesn’t go his way.

    Not to be Captain Correction or anything, but I think it’s Mr. Gura.

  4. JoeMerchant24 Says:

    For those not following on SCOTUSBlog, they are reporting the case will run to 11:45 now.

    Someone appears to be getting extra time.

    Hopefully Gura.

    Although, if the solicitor general tossed D.C. under the bus, as rumored, then D.C. may have gotten time to rebut. Personally, i don’t think D.C. has anythign new to add, so I’d be willing to trade another 10-15 minutes from them in return for getting the Bushies back on our bandwagon.

  5. JoeMerchant24 Says:

    I rarely say this…. But I am willing to allow a ban on the GLOCK 7. There, I’ve now officially compromised. Now let’s start deleting other gun laws.

    (Heck, i can’t afford it anyway, it cost more than I make in months.)

  6. Jay Says:

    Plastic guns? Cmon! I saw ‘In The Line Of Fire”! It MUST be true!

  7. David Says:

    “Mrs.” Gura? I think that’s more properly “Messrs. Gura and Levy.”

  8. SayUncle Says:


  9. countertop Says:

    There was a seemingly broad consensus that the right would not extend to machine guns, plastic guns that could evade metal detectors, and the like.

    Thats not what I heard. Clement said Machine guns come within the term arms. And are the primary arm of the military/miliitia. He did say they want to ban plastic guns or other guns that can bypass metal detectors, etc.

  10. SayUncle Says:

    Counter, good. BTW, your phone is broken!

  11. jed Says:

    I’m not too happy with Gura’s comments on “firearms” — not pistols? What argument is he trying to make here? This lineal descent thing is giving me some heebie-jeebies.

    I’m trying to keep up on this at my place as well.

  12. Eric Says:

    Clayton Cramer blogged that he talked to the people standing in line to get in, and could only find one that supported D.C.’s case, and she was less than convincing in her arguments. So maybe all the good guys are inside.

  13. countertop Says:

    just called you

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