It’s even worse

No, Rusty, he’s not doing that for a carry permit. He’s doing all of that for an ownership permit. In Jersey.

6 Responses to “It’s even worse”

  1. Jay G. says:

    In MA you need a permit for ownership of a longarm as well as a handgun…

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Yep, here in Mass open carry is perfectly legal, but most people who are stopped by the police to check their permit find their permits revoked on next renewal. Permits can be revoked for any reason (the above is usally cited as “signs of bad judgement”) and our permits are for OWNERSHIP, as well as carry. Permit gone, so are your guns….which are also all registered to the state with no ability for legal private sale off the books.

    This is why we fight, and fight HARD.

  3. Chas says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “It’s been a great way to advance Marxism and the abolition of private property. We require people to have a permit to own ‘private property’ (it’s not really private anymore at that point since they then become co-owners with the state), and then we cancel the permits. Voila! Instant abolition of private property and de facto Marxism!

    Then the conversation goes like this:
    -Hey! You gotta have a permit for that!
    -Okay, where do I get permit?
    -You can’t get a permit for that!

    Ha! Ha! We own this country!”

  4. frank says:

    This is the reason I cringe anytime someone tells me they are applying for a permit to carry concealed. It is a game that once played can NEVER be won.

    Sort of pisses me off in fact, especially when “pro gun rights” bloggers tell folks they should go get one of the those damn permits without even a warning as to what it means to play that permit game.

  5. John Hardin says:

    Frank, it’s not *quite* that bad. After all, having a CPL in no way proves you actually possess a firearm…

  6. Metulj says:

    I think the linked guy in Wall, NJ needs to read up on his NJ state constitution. New Jersey is a Home Rule state. Every municipality can make laws and ordinances of its own above and beyond state law as long as it doesn’t violate state law. Usually, only the cities (Newark, Jersey City, Camden, Hoboken, etc) have to go through the state legislature. Therefore, there are over 550 different sets of ordinances he would have to keep track of. If he were to take his weapon out of Wall and into Manasquan, he would have to have the permits for Manasquan. He cites the 30-day rule, but as long as Wall takes less than 30 days with their application process, then no problem. As for the requirements on the application, those are pretty stupid, but, again, he’d better hire one hell of an attorney to fight it.. The other thing this guy is: Cheap. There are plenty of ads in the papers for outfits who will do this all for you. Runs less than a grand. If he can afford to live in Wall, he can afford to pay for his permit.

    I live in Jersey City. The only thing I had to do to for my weapons was to go in to the precinct house around the block and get a gun card from the desk sergeant. They didn’t ask me how many long guns I had or anything, though the sergeant recommended a Mossberg for home defense.