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Rally ’round the family

So, when anti-gunners have a rally and a dozen or so people show up. It makes the news.

Pro-gunners rally and show up in the thousands.

A reminder as to why politicians seek NRA approval and not Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership approval.

Update: Other press accounts say hundreds. Still, it’s more than 12.

6 Responses to “Rally ’round the family”

  1. thirdpower Says:

    Current estimates are over 2,000. Except for the video and an anti-gun editorial, it was effectively ignored by the major outlets.

  2. Laughingdog Says:

    I don’t see any reference to thousands of people in that first link, just an article about Daley seeking more gun control.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    oops, wrong link. fixed.

  4. flashman Says:

    The Trib can’t spell “Descend”?

  5. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    Maybe they wanted to say: “Activists decent at capitol while making positions known”.

    See? They were “decent activists”.

  6. Gunstar1 Says:

    Count Georgia in on that bias as well.

    January we had 200 people rally on the capitol steps on a rainy weekday for a pro-gun bill. Only Georgia Public Broadcasting was there to tape it, even though notices were sent to all major news outlets.

    February had an anti-gun lie-in that drew 32 people on a Sunday and the press are there.