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Glad he’s one of us

At GBR2, Sebastian said of Joe Huffman: I’m glad he’s one of the good guys.

Things like this are why.

5 Responses to “Glad he’s one of us”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    The problem with that method is that anyone who wears an foil lined jacket is going to get stopped and frisked. You must be hiding something in there, you know. The innocent have nothing to fear!

  2. Joe Huffman Says:

    Interesting. I get that “I’m glad…” comment fairly frequently but mostly after posts like this one.

    As for the unwarranted searches that is why I mentioned the sequin dresses and purses. One of the way you defeat security systems is to overwhelm the system with false positives. If they had to stop and frisk even 1% of the people that walk down the sidewalk they would be overwhelmed with the job let alone worrying about lawsuits for unwarranted searches.

    Ask me about what could be done to the TSA sometime when we are face to face.

  3. KCSteve Says:

    Imagine the fun the Pink Pistols could have with this – might even make the news if they have members being stopped simply for being ‘fabulous’.

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    When sequins are banned only outlaws (and transvestites?) will wear sequins!

  5. Ride Fast Says:

    […] Passive or active defense […]

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