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Too far

First, they came for the home-schoolers.

Update: Wow.

3 Responses to “Too far”

  1. straightarrrow Says:

    Your update says it all, doesn’t it?

  2. Billy Beck Says:

    I should like to point out that my remarks should pertain to people whose politics do not run to the extent of the rational anarchists. Anyone interested in freedom should pay attention to what I said. An essential premise here is that electoral politics is not going to save us. No nation in history has ever voted its way out of straits like these, and we won’t either.

    Fundamentally, we are at the point where (to paraphrase Clausewitz) politics is war by other means.

    That’s a fact that should frighten everyone into thinking beyond what they were taught at the knee of the state.

  3. blounttruth Says:

    You must send your children to government educational indoctrination camps where they learn that slavery was the cause of the civil war, all American presidents are great and not to be questioned, and to prepare them for the next 100 years of fighting for the benefit of our countries elite. Welcome to the once home of the free and land of the brave, and we tax payers finance it all, and the people still vote the members of the CFR into office year after year with their globalist agenda. Talk about hitting yourself in the head with a hammer to forget about your broken leg, classic America!