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They abandoned me first


Last month, there were numerous blog postings about “How I will never vote for John McCain.” Most of these focused on how the “Republican Party has abandoned me,” or some other perceived grievance. Let me find my tiny violin.

I supported the Republican Party through the 90s as the party of small government, balanced budgets, and gun rights. But the party didn’t so much abandon me as it hated me from the beginning.

There’s more. Sounds familiar.

9 Responses to “They abandoned me first”

  1. # 9 Says:

    When the choice is two socialists or one liberal, the only choice is the liberal.

  2. sadcox Says:

    #9, at some point we’re going to have to demand more choices.

  3. retro Says:

    RIP GOP…

    Hope for the future…

  4. Blounttruth Says:

    Americans do not want choice, they want a media blessed candidate that wants nothing more from Washington but power and control. What is amazing is how Americans complain that they are getting the shaft after begging for it the entire time. I could not believe that Hillary after voting EVERY vote pro NAFTA would have the nerve to go to Ohio and talk to the people that’s jobs were shipped overseas because of her support and say that NAFTA needs to be fixed (yet she did nothing while it was happening other than rolling in the lobby cash and laughing at the workers that lost their jobs), and then they support her because of lip service she gives them, it is laughable how ignorant these people are, but indoctrination into the public school systems give these results consistently.

    McCain doesn’t have a chance when the “Songbird scandal” comes out along with the troops in Iraq that reported that during his visit he had moments of delusions and even soiled his own pants just from taking a walk. The only positive that I foresee over the next 4 years is that Americans learn from the destruction of a Liberal controlled Washington will bring, maybe then will they see that the media is on the side of political power, and not the American family. Hats off to Deb for nailing this one!

  5. Ron W Says:


    We’re usually have more than the two choices, but we keep on obeying the political-media establishment which tells us we must constrain ourselves to their two choices. I refuse to vote for treason and tyranny.

  6. straightarrrow Says:

    Count me with Ron W.

  7. johnx Says:

    what troops reported mccain being delusional and soiling his pants? no sense throwing unsupported crap out there.

  8. blounttruth Says:

    Here is the crap I was referring to.

    There is no way to know the validity of the article, but what I am sure about is that Faux news will not report negatives on another CFR member, so take the time to educate yourself.

  9. blounttruth Says:

    Follow up links for the possible 2008 leader of the free world.

    Now I could go on and on, and I am sorry I did not link the site reference to the (no pun intended) crap out there. I hope it is false, and that it never comes to light as he has been involved in so many scandals that soiling his pants would be a positive! Now if you want the negatives on Obama and Clinton it would take a week to dig it all up, and I will not be casting a vote for the Dems either. Knowledge will set you free.