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VA Carry Bill

Kaine has vetoed the VA Carry bill. CounterTop is not happy.

Update: PGP calls Kaine a liar.

Update 2: NRA has a statement.

8 Responses to “VA Carry Bill”

  1. anon Says:

    Well this is one instance where he could actually stick to his guns (ba dum bum) about his ‘no new gun laws’ campaign promise…

    The message, as always, is never trust a Democrat on gun control.

  2. # 9 Says:


  3. straightarrrow Says:

    the Not Really Aware group are disappointed, well boo hoo.

    How about outrage and a pledge to work to defeat any further political aspirations he has? Oh, I forget, they’re pragmatic.

  4. Cactus Jack Says:

    I’d say that Kaine dos’nt want to be re-elected, pissing off as many people as he just did. Few politicos realize it but Joe Average aint stupid and has a long memory.

  5. countertop Says:

    Kaine can’t be re-elected as Virginia’s governor is limited to holding only 1 term. The bigger question is how will this impact Mark Warner’s run for the Senate. Warner, a Northern Virginian has carefully cultivated the vote of independents and less conservative Republicans and has to know that this fiasco is going to hurt him (voting as a gun bigot isn’t popular with any constituency save 13 people in Northern Virgina)

  6. Bitter Says:

    Thank you, countertop. I was about to say, threatening him wouldn’t work, straightarrow. The guy is already out by law. Sometimes it’s not a matter of strategy disagreement, but a matter of other constraints – in this case, legal. So with that in mind, how would you propose threatening his future?

  7. straightarrrow Says:

    This will not be the last time he will run for office. He has ambitions as yet unstated, you can count on it. Power is addictive and he is hooked.

    Whatever office he runs for he should be opposed by advocates of liberty.

    Having said that, he may have actually and unintentionally done a good thing for gun bearers. No, I don’t mean the African natives in all those bad movies.

    It seems that open carry in an establishment serving alcohol is not only ok, but there is no restriction keeping the gun carrier from imbibing. Whereas; the new bill would have allowed concealed carry in these establishments but would have prohibited the CCW holder from having any alcoholic libation with his dinner.

    I somehow do not believe Kaine was striking a blow for liberty of personal choice with its attendant responsibilities. I do believe he thought he was “sticking it to” the 2nd amendment supporters whom he gulled into voting for him. Ergo, my call to stand ready to defeat his next bid for elective office. He will try again.

  8. straightarrrow Says:

    People like him do not retire from politics, they die, they go to jail, they get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, but they do not just quit.