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East Tennessee on Guns

This morning on the local talk radio, David Foulk asked, basically, what the Hell is going on with all these mass shootings? The host when on to say he thought these mass shootings were temper tantrums by people who don’t get their way. Could be. There’s definitely some crazy in the water lately.

Throughout the whole bit (that I listened to, anyway), not one person called in in support of more gun control.

5 Responses to “East Tennessee on Guns”

  1. Ron W Says:

    No one called for more gun control…great! Because all thse shootings happen where gun control is in control….so there are plenty of unarmed victims. These gun-free zones are criminal-safe zones.

  2. Lyle Says:

    “…not one person called in in support of more gun control.”

    People are getting it. The “legal-guns-in-the-hands-of-law-abiding-citizens-are-the-cause-of-violence” meme is crumbling.

    Ron; The Wendys was not a GFZ (to perhaps coin an acronym) in any legal or house-rules sense– it’s just that no one there was equipped to respond with force before it was over. One could make the case however, that the Wendys shooting was quite different from a school shooting in that the killer did not have the leisurely, shoot, reload, shoot, reload, shoot opportunity that he would have had in a GFZ, and the death toll was therefore less.

  3. ben Says:

    Something in the water? Prozac?

  4. SayUncle Says:


    Actually, the host mentioned mental illness and drugs.

  5. Ron W Says:


    Good point re: Wendy’s shooting which was also in Florida, one of many states where citizens can carry weapons for self-defense. But apparently ther was no one armed there (other than this deranged criminal) and I wonder if that Wendy’s management allows their employees who have Florida permits to carry? Oftentimes, companies enforce their employees to be unarmed. I would never work in a fast-foot place and especially at late at night closing time.