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Mmmm, SCAR

CNN reports special forces will be getting the FN SCAR!

4 Responses to “Mmmm, SCAR”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    If you’re like me and dont trust ANYTHING that the Communist News Network posts about firearms check out this site for reliable info on the SCAR

  2. Tam Says:

    Well, that is who it was designed for, after all.

  3. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Yeah, FN has been making guns pretty much just for special forces lately, starting with the P90, now the SCAR series.

    Still haven’t figured out who they are planning to sell the FN2000 series to.

  4. markm Says:

    One question about the interchangeable-barrel guns: do you have to sight the weapon in again after each barrel change?

    I don’t see how a weapon could be engineered so a new barrel didn’t affect the point of aim, and it seems to me that this is a problem especially for a battle rifle. With belt-fed machine guns, you walk the tracers into the target anyhow, so it doesn’t hurt much if the sights are a little off. With gun hobbyists, sighting it in again after working on the gun is usually just part of the fun. But when troops in the field swap out their short close-quarter-combat barrels for long barrels for the open country, the accuracy of the first shot fired in combat is likely to be critical. It’s going to be difficult to take them out of action while they set up an impromptu firing range, obtain targets from supply, and sight their weapons in.

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