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John Browning: Dastardly Mormon

Invariably, all deaths are caused either by John Browning or by Glocks.

There’s even a chart to prove it.

Hat tip Jadegold.

2 Responses to “John Browning: Dastardly Mormon”

  1. Gregory Morris Says:

    Heh. “He probably used Black Magic in order to accomplish this feat.” I was gonna say it had to be voodoo, or possibly a pact with the Devil.

  2. Magus Says:

    It is the opinion of the VPC that everything John Browning touched should be destroyed: all guns based on his designs, his ancestral home, and the entire state of Utah. His family, up to three degrees removed, should be liquidated so that his genetic material may never harm society again.

    Why do all the anti-gun rights people always advocate violence? And they’re also into advocating ethnic cleansing.

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