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NRA annual meeting

Speaking of gun blogger get togethers.

The NRA has announced its annual meeting:

With an estimated 60,000 attendees and more than 400 exhibits, this year’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits promises to be among the best in NRA’s 137-year history. Leading firearm manufacturers will display the firearm industry’s latest products. Various hunting and shooting accessories, and an extensive private collection displayed by NRA-affiliated gun collector clubs, will fill acres of convention space.

There will also be a get together of the gun bloggers: The Second Amendment Blog Bash.

And there’s some concert there by some guy I’ve never heard of (the Mrs. has and she likes him but she says his brother – who I’ve also never heard of – is currently popular as well – in other news, not all Tennesseans are into country).

2 Responses to “NRA annual meeting”

  1. John of Argghhh! Says:

    I’ll have to try to make that this year. I’m trying to be a better gun blogger, honest…

  2. JR Says:

    V and I will be there.

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