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Obama’s gun ban plan

David Kopel notes what a bill pused Obama would mean a gun store couldn’t operate within five miles of a school or park. Some folks decided to make some maps. Here’s one by bitter. And another. And another at Outrageous Malfunction.

7 Responses to “Obama’s gun ban plan”

  1. Vote For David Says:

    I told my wife, the people who are for Obama are either a) hard-core leftists, or b) like to feel good, maybe without thinking too much. She thought about that for a minute and said “oh great, that’s just about everybody i know except for church people”

  2. bob r Says:

    Something to note about Ry’s map: _all_ of the area not covered in green (exclusion zone) is part of the Cascade Mountains.

    Not the best place to put _any_ store.

  3. Anon Says:

    Well, obviously we have to start consolidating schools and parks. One huge school, K-12 plus undergrad and graduate, in the middle of a park, per each 10-county area. Build vertical to minimize the footprint; 25 stories would probably be enough.

  4. Cactus Jack Says:

    So what Obama really intends is to eliminate gun stores from ANY and ALL towns since there’s no town/city that I’ve ever seen that dos’nt have a school or park in a 5 mile radious. Hell, Evanston Wyoming, where I live, is’nt even 5 miles across. Plus we have 1 gun store.

    Now how is eliminating GUN STORES near schools and/or parks going to prevent shootings? Care to explain that Obama?

  5. Ron W Says:

    I suppose as long as the government can get the full-auto weapons paid for by us, that protect Obama, he doesn’t care. Oh wait, he does care. He wants to restrict or even deny guns for the peasants—same old arrogant elitist tyrant.

  6. Cactus Jack Says:

    What gets me is that this idiot has been trying to woo us pro-second ammendment folks to vote for him for months and now he proposes shit like this which is guarrenteed to cost him the very votes he’s been lying his ass off to get. Like we dont know he’s fulla shit anyway.

    “Suppose I was a Congressman. Suppose I was a idiot. But I repeat myself.”
    Mark Twain

  7. JKB Says:

    I think the real point is being missed here. With this law, all a local activist has to do is get a school or park built within 5 miles of a FFL holder to get them banned. Private ownership of the surround land doesn’t matter as imminent domain is often used for parks and schools. The continuing harassment effect is far more a goal than the initial ban.

    It is a sideways ban done to effectively ban all sales and how long before possession within 5-miles was made illegal?