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It has to be true

Like I said yesterday, we must be shills else their worldview collapses. They, a bought and paid for group of people, cannot fathom that someone advocating against them does so gratis. The latest:

But Peter Hamm, communication director for the Brady Campaign to Stop Gun Violence, is concerned that the group is the latest tool of the powerful gun lobby.

“We know very clearly that they were organised and they are funded by the gun industry, by the companies that are selling the guns,” he said.

“This is not some spontaneous, grassroots organisation.

“There are more members than there were before Virginia Tech because the gun industry is spending more money to enlist more young people to help them spread the word, that if only we had more guns in America, we’d have less of a gun violence problem.”

Any evidence of that? I doubt it.

So, Petey, how many members you got?

4 Responses to “It has to be true”

  1. Chas Says:

    Marxist conspirators tend to think that everyone opposing them is a conspirator too. I suppose that sneaking around behind the scenes trying to secretly force laws on people that they don’t want forced on them breeds a certain amount of paranoia among the sneakers.
    People standing up on their own to support their own gun rights doesn’t fit with the message that there’s a single, evil, gun lobby behind it all – just pull back the curtain and you’ll see Satan himself standing there pulling all the levers and pushing all the buttons – not so when there are 4 million members of the NRA who pay out their own hard-earned dollars in dues, and they aren’t the most well off people in the country either.
    I don’t get a penny from any “gun lobby”, but NRA, my state association and my local club cost me $120 a year. How do I apply for a grant from that Joyce Foundation? I hear they give away millions.

  2. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    SCCC is not in any way supported by the industry. The idea is laughable. It was founded by and run by college students. Hamm is an idiot.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Hamm is not an idiot. Hamm is a calculating liar.

  4. Breda Says:

    well then, where is my money, dammit?