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Joe takes a detailed look at it with some pics.

2 Responses to “Microstamping”

  1. retro Says:

    Money quote:

    “Of course this assumes the prosecutors and law enforcement are forthright and trustworthy in dealing with the evidence. I am inclined to believe this is generally the case but the actual instances of unethical actions of our government officials is much higher than I am comfortable with.”

  2. straightarrow Says:

    Joe has more faith in prosecutors than do I. I fully believe that if a cartridge case for a .454 Casull was found at a fatal knifing the prosecutor would try his damnedest to bamboozle a jury into convicting the original purchaser of the firearm even though he could prove he was in Egypt at the time of the knifing and that the firearm in question was reported as stolen fifteen years earlier and was recovered by the police but never returned to him.