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Call a Waaahmbulance

Remember the cop who decided that a man in a wheelchair should stand up and dumped out of the wheelchair for not complying? You know, because he’s not able? Well, turns out people are hurting her widdle feewings:

As outrage spread nationwide over a Hillsborough County jail inmate being tossed from his wheelchair onto the floor, the detention deputy at the center of the controversy has been getting nonstop phone calls, many racist in nature.

“It’s not even just in Florida,” said Beverly Crecy, the roommate of suspended Deputy Charlette Marshall-Jones.

“These calls are from out of state,” she said, with tears in her eyes. “People calling her ‘n—‘ and ‘fat’ and all kinds of stuff. Seven o’clock in the morning and all through the night.”

Remember kids, when you call someone up to tell them that they are unfit for duty and, generally that you think they’re disgusting human beings, don’t call them racist terms or make fun of their apperance. Because it’s hurtful. I mean, not as hurtful as being dumped out of a wheel chair. But still, that’s mean.

4 Responses to “Call a Waaahmbulance”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    I agree that the racist comments are bullshit but I’m not going to shed a tear for her hurt feelings because people think, rightfully so, that she’s a lowlife.

    I hope she gets tried and convicted for assault.

  2. Jim W Says:

    Anyone who does something shameful or pathetic on national TV is going to
    a) have their personal information posted to boards and be harassed by Anonymous
    b) ????
    c) Profit

    I seriously doubt that gun owners have anything to do this. In a nation this size with internet access, the collective harassment that teenage boys can muster will reach epic proportions.

  3. jed Says:

    She’s been charged with abuse of a disabled person, a third-degree felony.

  4. Gmac Says:

    I try to teach my kid about something I call “cascading consequences” and how one action committed in a momment of unthinking stupidity can affect you for the rest of your life and pointed this out to him as it’s a very graphic example.

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