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VA Protests follow up

A letter in response:

Please consider this a response to the letter (“Abusive Bullies Marred Gun-Control Rally,” Feb. 4).

You are correct, sir, in that gun owners of Virginia would never approve of rude tactics, so thank you for giving credit where credit is due. As a respectful leader in the campaign for self-protection rights, I know that none of my colleagues were inconsiderate, and would want to know if anyone acted otherwise.

As such, I scoured the numerous videos on YouTube, and from the media that day, but cannot find anything to substantiate your claim. Next, I turned to the infamous social network, Facebook. To my amazement, I could not find a single group related to gun-control that allowed discussions.

Supporters of gun-rights gathered to hear speeches by the gun-control organizations, listening quietly and holding their own signs. Amazingly, one of the speakers asked the police if they could remove the viewing citizens from the public grounds of the Capitol, namely the gun-rights advocates. One comment relayed to me following that was “we don’t want you here with your signs, peaceful or not. This is our media attention and you don’t belong.”

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