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Chicks and guns

If you’re in the Orlando, Florida area, the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club has a deal for you: Ladies’ Day At The Range. Women only. Use of firearms, ammo, hearing protection, eye protection, targets and training for only $10!

Here’s their flier.

Via reader Pete.

4 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    If you’re in the Orlando area, you’re pretty damned close to the Tampa area in which I’ll do the same thing for free. Granted the hour’s drive would cost you more than $10 in gas…

    However, I’m not as exclusive. If you’re a new shooter, I don’t discriminate on your lack of dangly bits.

  2. Jason Kallini Says:

    I am a member of the CFRPC, and I’ll gladly take anyone out there for free, to shoot, anytime.

    However, Ladies day has been a huge success for two years running now, and I hope this year is no different. We’ve even managed to get positive press in the local papers, which is hard to come by.

    The advantage of the ladies day (for the ladies, at least) is that the range of firearms is incredible. It pretty much is what any of the range officers and volunteers decide to bring, so there is a huge assortment of firearms to choose from. I certainly can’t match the variety that is on display there.

  3. Breda Says:

    Heck, I do that for free.

  4. Gregory Morris Says:

    Cool. I offer to do this for free as well, any time, any place, any gender. On the other hand, as Jason says, they have a huge range of guns to choose from.

    I fully support ranges offering opportunities like this. It is good business, and good for our rights. In fact, I am willing to drive any ladies from the Tampa area to Orlando just to take part in this and support their event (even if I’m not allowed on the firing line that day *lol*.)