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Repelling invaders

We gun nuts say one of the reasons for gun ownership is to defend against invaders. I never suspected we’d be invaded by Georgians. B-Ho, who makes it a habit of emailing everyone whenever the TN GOP sneezes*, tells me that:

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen should move quickly to defend Tennessee’s southern border against a new plan by Georgia to claim a mile-wide stretch of Marion County.

As reported in various media including the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Associated Press, Georgia policymakers are preparing to claim that Tennessee’s legal southern border through Marion County is one mile north of where it is currently marked – for the purpose of moving the Georgia border to include a piece of the Tennessee River and the Nickajack Reservoir.

Georgia wants access to water from the Tennessee River. The drought that has impacted many counties in Tennessee has been severe in Georgia, and the population explosion, especially around Atlanta, and poor planning regarding infrastructure has resulted in Georgia politicians eyeing their neighbors’ natural resources.

Now listen up, Georgia. Tennesseans are a charitable people. And we’ll happily share water and water access with you. But if you think you’re going to come lay claim to some of our land, you’ve got another thing coming.

* Note: Last time he emailed me something, it was about how the TNGOP was getting all tough on drunk drivers by pushing some laws. I replied back that maybe we should just make drinking and driving illegal. I didn’t get a response.

Update: Via AC, a link to the bills.

8 Responses to “Repelling invaders”

  1. #9 Says:

    I am not for “sharing” Tennessee water. Once you share it it is gone.

    This water grab is one of the most serious issues Tennessee faces. Georgia refuses to stop over building its water supply. The last thing we should do is enable them. This is one case where saying NO is the right thing to do for everyone concerned.

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    Memphis is having a similar dispute with MS and AR concerning the aquifer they share.

    Another byproduct of the warm-mongers – water wars.

  3. Cactus Jack Says:

    The Tennessee/Georgia state line’s been the way it is for over 200 years and now, when they want acess to Tennesee river water, Georgia just HAPPENS to notice this discrepency in the state line? Tell ’em to pound sand Tennessee!

  4. sean Says:

    As a native Georgian I find it interesting that every time the water shortage in my home state is written about, poor planning and population growth gets mentioned. Those are certainly contributing factors to our water shortage but what about the two other states, Florida and Alabama, that are using HUGE amounts of water that is supplied by Georgia from Georgia lakes and rivers. No mention of that. Strange, huh? So, our all-knowing government has decided to try and steal the Volunteer state’s water instead. How about everyone use their own damn water and quit taking it from others.

  5. Nosmo Says:

    Why not share water?

    We Western Pennsylvanians share water with Cincinnati – Every time they have a water crisis, we just start flushing twice until their reservoirs are filled. We are nice that way…

    Tennessee should do the same

  6. jay Says:

    I replied back that maybe we should just make drinking and driving illega

    It is illegal, unless you’re a state congressman.

  7. Skip Says:

    Response to Sean: Isn’t letting Florida and Alabama have your water part of poor planning? Now Georgia wants Tennessee to do the same essentially the same thing? No way!!!!!!!

  8. sean Says:

    Skip, yes you are correct but the poor planning, in this case, is done by our Federal government. The lake reservoir that supplies most of the water is managed by the incredibly smart, expert levee building Army Corps of DisEngineers.

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”