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New Kel-Tec Rifle

Supposedly, debuted at SHOT. I recall linking to it a bit back. But Kel-Tec’s High Efficiency Rifle looks pretty darn sweet. Design allows for a 24 inch barrel in a 32 inch rifle. Cool. Via Rivrdog.

6 Responses to “New Kel-Tec Rifle”

  1. #9 Says:

    Kel-Tec is engineering some of the most interesting firearms available.

  2. Linoge Says:

    Unfortunately, I found out about this thing right after purchasing my M1A, which annoyed me slightly… at least until realizing that it will be illegal in the grand state of Kalifornistan as soon as it comes out, due to its work-of-the-devil pistol grip. Regardless, this will definitely be an interesting firearm, assuming it ever comes out…

  3. gudis Says:

    They debuted it at SHOT 2007, the models this year are slightly different, the finish looks much better and they managed to engineer a way to get insert a FAL magazine without having to rock it into the magwell. They pushed the release back a few months, but that’s just more time to save pennies I guess.

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    So far the best looking bull-pup I’ve seen.

  5. Brass Says:

    Does anyone know if the barrels are interchangeable without an armorer?

  6. John Hardin Says:

    Piston? Or direct-impingement?

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