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New Glock, the G30 SF. Other than a rail, not sure how it differs from my G30.

4 Responses to “Glockity”

  1. Ahab Says:

    It has a noticiably skinnier grip frame. I was playing with one side by side with a standard G30, and you can really tell the difference.

  2. Nill Says:

    So they finally got around to taking the G21 SF and applying that logic to the compact? I was wondering where the G30 SF was when the slim 21 came out last year.

  3. Hartley Says:

    Looks like a slimmer grip – but uses the same mags, so the difference is one of degree, not a total rebuild. I like my old(er) one, but I have big hands – I can see why some would want it slimmer.
    Now a question – why doesn’t Blackhawk make a holster for the G30 like they do all the rest? I have one for every Glock I own except the 30 – and I really don’t like the Fobus nearly as much (I like the finger-release catch better)

  4. Les Jones Says:

    Cool. They slimmed the grip but maintained magazine compatibility. Nice!

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