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Guns where alcohol is served – updated

In an update to this, VolunteerTV has a poll on the subject on the left hand side. Currently, the good guys are winning.

The also have a video segment on the issue featuring my favorite Merchant of Death giving some free ad space to Vltor.

5 Responses to “Guns where alcohol is served – updated”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    I was thinking of fleeing Mass for NC (both have strong biotech jobs) but NC has this law. The prospect of leaving a gun in my car (where it can be much more easily stolen than if its on my person) just because I’m taking the Mrs. out to eat is going to keep me here. Belive-it-or-not.

    Also does TN ban restaurants and bars from having parking lots, or accessable parking? Allowing cars near places that serve alcohol is just BEGGING people to drink-and-drive, and it should be BANNED!

  2. rightwingprof Says:

    Neither Indiana nor Pennsylvania has anything like this law, and surprise! there aren’t thousands of gunfights in bars.

  3. Ron W Says:

    The same people who predicted “blood in the streets” from otherwise law-abiding armed citizens when the gun permit law was first enacted, are the same ones who predict “gun fights in bars” by the same permit holders who have shown them to be totally wrong!

    Yet in their prejudice and bigotry, they keep spouting these lying allegations.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Are people who illegally carry guns into bars for the purpose of harming others prevented from doing so?

    Do you have a right to defend yourself only in certain places, while in other places you must be offered up as a lamb for the slaughter?

    Does the Second Amendment have any qualifiers?

    Do shootings ever take place in “gun free” zones, and if so, who is there to stop them?

    Who benefits from a gun free zone law– the criminal with a gun, or his disarmed victims?

    What are the punishments for legislators who violate our rights? Who will prosecute them?

    Prohibition failed because people were able to easily manufacture and obtain alcohol illegally, thereby creating a profitable monopoly for anyone willing to break the law. How is a gun prohibition any different, other than the fact that we have the Constitution specifically protecting our right to bear arms?

    When people’s right to self protection is violated, people can, and do, die as a result. What sort of punishment would be appropriate for someone who willfully violates a person’s right to self protection, given that they have taken an Oath specifically promising not to do so (yes, that Oath applies to state legislators and law enforcement too – even your local mayor has taken it)?

    Where can I get a copy of the state “Rights Infringement Map” (RIM) showing me which squares I can step in legally, and which squares make me a felon if I step in them?

    What was the purpose of the Bill of Rights?

    You do realize that we are herein having a discussion about public education, don’t you?

  5. Michael Hawkins Says:

    I can mildly symphatyse with banning guns from bars, but not resteaurants.
    Still, I’d leave the choice to the proprietor of the property.

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