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More anti-gun sockpuppetry

You’ll recall our old pal NRAFOUREVER. He wrote some pretty vile, disgusting racist stuff while parodying being pro-gun. Some examples:

Yea, thats rite, but I think you got the stastic rong. I heard Wayyne LaPeare say it was 2 1/2 milloin! THat’s a LOT more than you said hear! So I aggree, but lets get our numbers right to show that wer’e smarter than the gun GRABERS LIBS! GO NRA GO! If any of you getto nigers come to steal m y truck, I will PWN you with my rifel!

HA HA LOL LOL YOUR RITE, the libs are STUPIDE! NOT like us, we have smarte names like NRA FOUREVER and WHITECRACKER to show what we think clear and clean! Plus, we barricaede ourself in our house with guns b/c of our fear of the world! Esp. the nigers! Its not b/c were inseckure, its b/c its our RITEs gave by JESIS! Plus we love being intimete with our guns! GO NRA GO!

Then you may recall our old pal Alex Tristan Riley, whose blog mysteriously vanished after he became a Board Member of Ceasefire PA, an anti-gun group affiliated with Bryan Miller’s Ceasefire NJ. The reason was probably because he was bigoted against gays, Catholics and Muslims. That he advocated violence against people on sex offender registries. And that he is generally a disgusting human being. Well, I’m sure Ceasefire PA did not want to be associated with the likes of that and that is likely why Alex Tristan Riley’s various blogs have disappeared. Riley even went to the trouble of having them removed from the Wayback Machine and Google Cache. Some fine examples of Riley’s wisdom can be seen here.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that a preponderance of evidence indicates that either NRAFOUREVER and Alex Tristan Riley are the same person. Or, I suppose it’s possible, there are just two bigoted lunatics sharing an IP address. Thirdpower shows some of the evidence. And Robb Allen has a lot more.

Armed and Safe has some more evidence and even more witty prose from our pal. Yuri has a summary. Sebastian has some screencaps of NRAFOUREVER’s work. Here’s a yahoo cache of NRAFOUREVER’s page (heh, he forgot one cache site). And NRAFOUREVER was pretty active on YouTube. He closed his account but you can still see his vile comments at other videos.

Turns out, Riley’s students aren’t fans either. Of course, given his nature as a sockpuppet, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he posts there too. And now, some other poster, is threatening a libel suit. Well, truth is a defense.

Kurt wrote a letter to Ceasfire PA.

David has instituted the CeasfirePA Watch.

I have to admit, I am disappointed that what I thought was a new troll just turned out to be one of our old trolls. Anyway, the telling thing about NRAFOUREVER is that he had to create what was the stereotypical gun owner in his mind and act on it on the internet.

This is not the first time there was strong evidence that an anti-gun board member was engaged in sockpuppetery.

Update: Note to instapundit readers: I’m not the one who found this stuff but the other bloggers linked in the post did.

7 Responses to “More anti-gun sockpuppetry”

  1. Orion Says:

    Sock puppets have their amusement value. It’s hilarious pointing out that all the favorable replies to a nutjob’s post all came from the same IP Address (his) and were posted within 30 seconds of the previous reply. Even the ones smart enough not to get caught like that tend to reveal themselves over time and nailing them to the wall has an even greater satisfaction.

    I’ve seen a couple of cases where there was a rightwing sock puppet and a leftwing sock puppet and they had violent flame wars between themselves. There’s something Freudian about that…

  2. Pixelkiller Says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nowadays, with the internet, they are called “sockpuppets”. When I was a kid, a long time ago, they were called Quislings.

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    Wikipedia points out that Quisling was convicted of high treason and subsequently executed by firing squad…

  4. # 9 Says:

    It never ends, they dream of a day when we will all get along. When the Lion and the Lamb walk together. Jackals love the anti-gunnies.

  5. Don Gwinn Says:

    Actually, a Quisling is an actual traitor. Quisling was Norwegian, right? I think that’s right. Anyway, he wasn’t a Nazi who pretended to be a Norwegian to make the Norwegians look bad. He was a Norwegian who betrayed Norway to collaborate with the Nazis.

    If a prominent pro-rights guy turned anti-gun and courted the other side (for instance, if Les Jones joined up with VPC and started writing white papers for the Brady Campaign, that would make him a “Quisling.” “Benedict Arnold” would be another term. Not that Les would ever do that, but that would be one example.)

    This Riley guy is more of an agent provocateur. A clumsy and unconvincing agent provocateur. More like the guy who joins his local radical political party and announces loudly “Man, I hate cops! I’m glad there are no pigs in here right now! So, who’s up for some felonies?”

  6. equitus Says:

    Just a terminology quibble. I know there is no authority on this.

    I thought a sock-puppet was someone who posted using a pseudonym in support of his/her own posts or comments – as in Ellers supporting Greenwald.

    I also thought that the acts of NRAFOREVER were referred to as a Moby, in honor of the musician who publicly advocated posting in the guise of the most vile proponents of a position they in fact disagreed with – with the intention of discrediting that position.

    Am I wrong?

  7. SayUncle Says:

    Ya know, it never occurred to me. I just presumed sockpuppet as someone who holds themselves out as someone else.

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