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If no one reports it, is it news?

Go to the foreign press to learn that:

A recent poll conducted by Zogby International for Associated Television News shows that voters value the endorsements of the National Rifle Association, by former President Clinton and President George W. Bush over influential organizations like the AFL-CIO and the National Council of LaRaza or celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand.

As to the numbers:

Nat”l Rifle Assoc. 27 %

Bill Clinton 25%

George W. Bush 23 %

AFL-CIO 16 %

Oprah Winfrey 9 %

Nat”l Council of LaRaza 5 %

Barbra Streisand 4 %

Per Google News, nothing in the American press.

6 Responses to “If no one reports it, is it news?”

  1. Bitter Says:

    Eh, it’s not quite what it looks like on the coverage angle.

    First, that’s not foreign media, it’s just a foreign site with a PRNewswire feed. Second, as far as I can tell, it was only released on PRNewswire and had no follow-up. If those charged with releasing it didn’t make phone calls or pitch it, then no one would have picked it up.

    Also, it depends what wire they released it to. I mean if they sent it to the campaign wire, it wouldn’t get picked up because that doesn’t target the right reporters. If they sent it to one of the more general political wires, then it’s a little more bizarre that it didn’t get picked up somewhere.

    The funny part is that I actually would have pitched this with an Oprah vs. Babs angle for fun, then included the hard data next.

    The other problem is the timing. They need to try again when it’s down to the general election candidates. No one really cares about endorsements right now since it’s so early.

  2. tgirsch Says:

    I don’t think it would be news even if the US media reported it. 🙂

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Dude, anything with Oprah in it is news in this country 🙂

  4. tgirsch Says:

    Mea culpa.

  5. Gullyborg Says:

    Any insight on who, if anyone, the NRA will endorse in the GOP primary?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    They don’t endorse during primaries.

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