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Factually challenged

Paul Helmke is issuing bogus challenges to candidates:

I challenge them to stand up and support meaningful action to reduce gun violence in America.

So do I! Put violent criminals in jail and keep them there. Gun control only impacts the law-abiding.

I challenge them to work for a strong and permanent ban on military-style assault weapons.

That was done in 1986. Of course, you constantly and disingenuously conflate semi-automatic rifles with military weapons, even by insinuating that the weapons soldiers carry in Iraq are freely available here in the US. And that is a lie.

I challenge the candidates to support the NICS Improvement Act of 2007.

Well, yeah, but the NRA supports that bill too.

I challenge the candidates to support the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2007.

Paul thinks it’s common sense to deny someone their civil liberties without due process of law.

I challenge the candidates to support legislation to require background checks for all gun sales in America.

He then yammers about how the Columbine killers and drug dealers get their weapons at gun shows. Crime guns that came from gun shows are less than 1% of total crime guns. And the Columbine killers did not get their weapons from gun shows. They used two straw purchasers, who happened to go to gun shows. Those two were not prohibited persons and could have bought them anywhere.

I challenge the candidates to support legislation to limit bulk purchases of guns.

Another measure that only affects the law-abiding. The Omaha shooter had only one gun. The VA Tech shooter had two and VA has a gun a month law.

Fortunately, politicians are not listening to Paul. No one is vying for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership endorsement. Gun control: what we do instead of something.

Thirdpower has his own challenges for Paul:

I challenge the Brady Campaign to stop misrepresenting what different firearms are capable of.

Never happen. Without hysterical misrepresentations, they have nothing.

Sebastian can smell the desperation.

One Response to “Factually challenged”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    “Those two were not prohibited persons and could have bought them anywhere.”

    I may be reading you wrong, but the Columbine assholes not only were underage, but they had been picked up for GTA before, so they were twice prohibited, and needed the strawman (or woman) Also note that all charges were dismissed on her acts. **Spit**

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