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I’d still bet on it

I noted yesterday on the Sullivan confirmation that: Sorry, folks, but itís a done deal. Mark it.

Today, Ryan reports:

I just came across the following article, Idaho Senators block ATF Pick. It appears that Second Amendment Senators Mike Crapo and Larry Craig have put a hold on Sullivan’s confirmation.

It’s a hold but I’d still bet he gets confirmed.

Still, the significance of Craig and Crapo putting the confirmation on hold indicates that at least some in congress are listening to complaints of ATF abuse. From the AP article:

Idaho’s senators are blocking President Bush’s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, saying the agency has become overly aggressive in enforcing gun laws.

Republican Sens. Larry Craig and Mike Crapo placed separate holds on the nomination of federal prosecutor Michael Sullivan, the acting ATF director for more than a year.

Crapo’s spokesman, Lindsay Nothern, said the senator’s office has heard from a number of gun dealers, gun owners and others in Idaho who “have concerns about ATF policies regarding gun sales and even (gun) ownership. Maybe the federal government is getting a little too aggressive with people who haven’t done anything wrong.”


6 Responses to “I’d still bet on it”

  1. countertop Says:

    If two Republican’s are holding up the Republican President’s nominee, why would Harry Reid ever move to cloture??? He’s not going.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    I think Countertop is right, but I also don’t think Craig and Crapo are going to scuttle the nomination. If Bush withdraws Sullivan, I’ll be surprised. Bush has shown loyalty to his appointees to a fault, and I doubt it’ll be any different here. Craig and Crapo, I’m going to bet, will release the hold when Sullivan jumps through some hoops for them.

    That doesn’t change the positive effect this will have, or the fact that I was wrong in telling people fighting Sullivan wasn’t worth it. But I still do believe his nomination is a done deal.

  3. countertop Says:

    Craig was thrown under the train by Bush. And Bush has few if any political friends left in DC. I’d be surprised if Craig released his hold.

  4. Helvetix Says:

    Although I’m not an Idahoian, I just send notes of support to both Craig and Crapo. Let them know they’re not alone on this.

  5. Chris Byrne Says:

    Technically speaking, a senator can hold a nomination up indefinitely, so long as that nomination is still in committee, or is referred back to committee.

    As the nomination hasn’t yet been sent formally to the full senate, they can still put an indefinite hold.

    Of course Bush can just make it a recess appointment over the holidays.

  6. sean Says:

    One of the articles I read mentioned the BATFU’s b.s. attacks on Red’s Trading Post as a major factor in both Senators holds. Seems like maybe Ryan is getting some much needed attention and help finally.

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