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More on the church shootings

Seems the same psychopath shot up both churches. Thanks to Jean Assam, there was not a third.

4 Responses to “More on the church shootings”

  1. Helvetix Says:

    Who’d a thunk it.

    Society’s institutionalized fear of the nut with a gun, all stopped for an afternoon by a church lady.

    (my lack of eloquence frustrates me by my failure to really describe the dichotomy I see in this).

  2. Rob K Says:

    And the media derision and minimization of Assam begins:

    In short, they say he shot and killed himself after she shot him, and that she was fired from the Minneapolis police in 1997.

    I saw the CBS Early Show segment on it this morning, and it was disgusting. They never once said that she shot him. They only ever said that she stopped him. And they had to drop in the oh-so-relevant fact that he had been home schooled.

  3. Helvetix Says:

    I’ll bet that part about getting fired is a little bit made up. I know for a fact that where I work, even if you get fired the most egregious offense a later reference check will only offer dates of employment and whether or not your eligible for rehiring. To say something like “She was fired for lying” seems all-too-convenient for the purposes at hand (Gasp! the church lady lied), and likely to make the city attorney cringe at the prospect of a employment lawsuit.

    Also what’s with the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis? According to their website, they represent Minneapolis police officers in matters related to their working conditions, and terms and conditions of employment. So they moonlight as an investigative body and internal affairs too?

    I call Bullshit.

  4. Helvetix Says:

    Bingo! I win!

    Jeanne Assam received a 24 hour suspension, not fired.

    Somebody’s a liar.

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