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About that poll

Yes, this poll. It was a trick question. What I did was start out with option three and then, due to the PSH that followed, resorted to option one. And, to maintain my moral superiority, I pointed out that, despite her antics, I (the guy who was armed) managed to maintain his cool and that the same could not be said for her. No wonder she doesn’t want people armed, she can’t be trusted to act reasonably in public.

And option 2 was solely to poke fun at, well, you know who I mean.

6 Responses to “About that poll”

  1. Breda Says:

    Could you give us a better description of the PSH? What were her arguments, etc?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    No matter what I said she always responded loudly with ‘I can’t believe you’re wearing that’. It was like talking to a wall.

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    Number 2 was a joke? Dammit!

  4. Cactus Jack Says:

    SayUncle Says:

    November 27th, 2007 at 11:30 am
    No matter what I said she always responded loudly with ĎI canít believe youíre wearing thatí. It was like talking to a wall.

    Uncle, I lived surrounded by libtards for over 11 years and Im here to tell you that talking to a wall would be more productive than talking to a libtard. It would also be a more intelligent conversation.

  5. Rabbit Says:

    So, which shirt were you were wearing?


  6. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner Says:

    I don’t have time to waste on these people, so I cut to the chase and just go with #1.

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