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More ATF trouble with the NFRTR

The NFRTR (National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record) is the registry that maintains NFA weapons. So, a guy wants to lawfully buy a machine gun. He finds the gun, plunks down his roughly $15K for an AR and fills out the paperwork. The ATF verifies that the weapon is in the NFRTR and approves. Then, ATF realized that it wasn’t transferable after you dropped your money, did the transfer, and arranged a dealer and all the other hoops you have to go through to get an NFA weapon. Oops. You’re shit out of luck.

Of course, if the NFRTR was accurate and not full of errors, things like this could be avoided. In the past, agents have testified that the NFRTR is inadequate.

When it comes to gun laws, the enthusiast acts at his peril.

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