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Chicks and guns

17 Year-old is one of the country’s best trap shooters.

Aunt B.: And I felt like, with enough practice, I could have gotten good at that and enjoyed it.

And that, folks, is what the anti-gunners fear most: people enjoying the shooting sports.

2 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    I really think that this quote is what scares the gun grabbers the most, people realizing that the gun isn’t a mystical mind control device…but just a toll
    ‘What surprised me most was that I had this idea that guns made people feel powerful. And yet, holding that thing in my hands, and pulling the trigger… I didn’t really feel powerful at all. I felt like I had an intention–to fire the gun–and a goal–to hit the can. And in between my intention and my goal was going to be a machine going through a very powerful set of steps that, though I instigated, weren’t exactly in my control.

    Does that make sense? I thought I would feel like “Yeah, I did that!” but instead I felt like “Holy shit! I could have never done that without this piece of equipment!”’

  2. rightwingprof Says:

    What, three years ago yesterday, one of my students said (in class), “It’s National Ammo Day!” Turned out his father is a champion trap and skeet shooter, and the kid competes.

    You never know when you’ll run into another gun nut!

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