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Akins Accelerator Update

Legal issues with the Akins can be seen at past posts here. Now, one of the directors of the company has resigned and cited that the case cannot be won as a reason why.

I suppose all the folks who bought one now have a really overpriced stock on their 10/22.

7 Responses to “Akins Accelerator Update”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Site appears to be dead. Will check back later.

  2. Gunstar1 Says:

    I suppose all the folks who bought one now have a really overpriced stock on their 10/22.

    Right now that’s what it means. However if this trial is lost or just dropped, it means all those folks will have illegal machine guns and will be treated as criminals by the BATFE.

    What I see is a short amnesty after the trial is lost or dropped and soon after that the BATFE will seek a supoena to get Akin’s customer records so they can go after the criminals that did not turn their stocks in.

  3. emdfl Says:

    What I see is an agency that makes up its rules as it goes along.

  4. Ryan Horsley Says:

    In the letter that I just got that Sullivan sent to the National Ombudsman, Sullivan addresses Aikins at the end of the letter.

  5. nk Says:

    What I see is someone who sold an illegal product and is now running like hell to save the money he ripped off his customers. I’ve said tthis before. Akins is going to come out of this with their cusomers’ money in their pockets and their customers in a boatload of trouble for possessing their product. But it’s the free market, right? Te fornicato emptor?

  6. damaged justice Says:

    “But itís the free market, right?”


  7. SayUncle Says:

    nk, in hindsight, seems they played fast and loose with the approval by implying there was a solid approval.

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