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Fun with the anti-gunners

Some good stuff today.

1- At The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, when life hands you lemons, you make bullshit:

Virginia Election Results
Good For Sensible Gun Policies

With Democrats taking control of the Virginia Senate and gaining seats in the General Assembly as a result of yesterdays election, the outlook for sensible gun laws in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy is improved, leaders of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said this morning.

Yeah, nevermind that one of those Democrats was the NRA endorsed candidate who defeated an anti-gun Republican incumbent. And nevermind that the NRA endorsed candidates won in 23 out of 27 in the Senate and 57 out of 62 in the house. And how’d that work in New Jersey? Even in defeat, they kick out the sternly worded press releases.

2 – The Violence Policy Center is so broke.

How broke is it?

It is so broke, it’s recycling supposed studies it did four years ago. Well, at least they’re not passing off Google searches as research.

3 Brady Campaign to Prevent Communicational Violence.

6 Responses to “Fun with the anti-gunners”

  1. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » Electoral Roundup Says:

    […] taunts the Brady Campaign with some electoral facts.  Brady is boasting bout 19 out out of 21 candidates in the Virginia House of Delegates […]

  2. Peter Says:

    Over at the Daily Kos, I noted that the Bloomberg endorsement and the subsequent outrage amongst the Gun Folk helped the Dems win that race.

    I then suggested a donation to the NRA would be a nice way of showing some thanks.

    The comment was deleted.


  3. thirdpower Says:

    More “reasoned discourse”.

  4. Linoge Says:

    I really have to start wondering if the anti-rights people out there are even physically capable of understanding just how much they are losing ground. I mean, denial is great and all, but eventually reality has to set in. I hope.

  5. Captain of a Crew of One Says:

    Parsing Election Results…

    I had already been looking at the numbers after the Virginia Election to see how VCDL did. After Uncle and Sebastian started talking about……

  6. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    The VPC should consider firing whoever writes their reports and hire a new person.

    “more deadly” => “deadlier”
    “most deadly” => “deadliest”

    I’m not wrong here, right?

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