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Deal Alert

Bargain AR-15s for $550! Via Rustmeister.

11 Responses to “Deal Alert”

  1. chris Says:

    saw that the other day, im just not too sure about the whole “will not win any beauty contests” part of the deal… i think ill probably just stick with building a new one…

    oh, BTW, check out the deal RRA has right now

    everything but the stripped lower for $640, $40 more for a chrome lined barrel… not bad at all

  2. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    Where are the $200 AR15s that you can buy anywhere on the Internet that Sue Peschin from Ceasefire Maryland was always wailing about? I wanna buy a bunch of those.

  3. Robb Allen Says:

    Look, more shit I simply cannot afford but want desperately.


  4. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Good for a blaster or a trunk gun.

  5. KCSteve Says:

    One of the advantages of living here in Missouri – CMMG has a table at pretty much every gun show and has, for the past several months, had trash barrels of ‘as-is’ AR’s. I know several folks who’ve bought them and they’re all very happy with their acquisitions.

    Haven’t bought one myself, nor have I closely inspected them, but from what I’m hearing they’re generally better than what some shops are selling at full price.

    If you’re an AR fan CMMG’s table at a gun show is worth driving a reasonable distance – it’s actually usually about 4 – 6 tables, all covered with AR’s in their infinite variations.

  6. John Says:

    Last show I was at CMMG had some nicer looking ARs, all with DPMS lowers for $595. They told me they were trash can guns that they put a bit more work into

  7. DirtCrashr Says:

    All’s I want is an M4 upper with permanently mounted muzzle break (not flash hider). 🙂 Oh well, I’ve gotta bill my next client more.

  8. Mike W. Says:

    Damn that is really tempting……

  9. - Says:

    “will not win any beauty contests”… Well yeah, they’re AR-15’s. Even AK-47’s are nicer looking than AR-15’s, and that’s saying a lot.

  10. Gringo_Malo Says:

    I need more information. All the rifles pictured are flat tops, which is fine with me. Are they all flat tops? What about flash suppressors? Are they all A2 flash suppressors? If I get stuck with a “post-ban” barrel and have to replace it with a threaded barrel so I can have a flash suppressor, then it’s no bargain. For about a hundred bucks more, I can just buy an M4 kit to build on my extra lower.

  11. SayUncle Says:

    at the site, you can pick the configurations of m4, 16 and 20 inch hbars.

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