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CNN gets gun control wrong again – a follow up

Frank J nails it: Lapse of Assault Weapons Ban Causing Guns It Didn’t Ban to Flood the Streets!

45Superman notes CNN gun follies past. A folly CNN retracted.

Note in the CNN piece that when when the police have politically incorrect self-loading firearms, they are often referred to as merely semi-automatic rifles. When they’re not for the police, they are assault weapons. And notice also that, while non-police politically incorrect self-loading firearms are designed to be spray fired from the hip (a falsehood that comes directly from Violence Policy Center propaganda), when the police use them they mysteriously fire a single shot at a time and are more accurate.

3 Responses to “CNN gets gun control wrong again – a follow up”

  1. Jack Says:

    Amazing what THEY can get away with when THEY don’t use actual facts. You notice that THEY never call US out for using THEIR tactics because WE use facts. That’s why WE are winning. Jack.

  2. Jack Says:

    In reality, nothing is gained by firing from the hip. So why bother? Easier and more accurate to fire from the shoulder. So why indicate that the mutant is more of a danger when firing from the hip? Guess it impresses the sheeple. I’ve been firing full auto for umpteen years and although it’s a lot of fun and you can manage fairly accurrate controlled bursts with practice, a single shot or a 3 rounder will cause more damage downrange than a mag dump. However, the great shooters who do the subgun matches really demonstrate amazing accuracy, as compared to the average shooter like me. Jack.

  3. Kurt "45superman" Hofmann Says:

    45Superman notes CNN gun follies past. A folly CNN retracted.

    I’ll point out that the retraction came only after howls of indignation, and that all CNN admitted to was being “not detailed enough” in their initial broadcast. A retraction, sure–but a rather grudging, half-assed one.

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