Iowa to arm college police

Reaction is what can be expected.

2 Responses to “Iowa to arm college police”

  1. Cactus Jack says:

    “There is no evidence that an armed policeman would have changed the outcome of any incidents so well documented in this report,” he said.

    But they’d have a better chance of dealing with armed criminals if they WERE armed dont ya think Michael? Or does this fool want to add campus cops to the list of available targets?

    Better yet, let the students with CCW permits carry them on campus too.

  2. straightarrow says:

    Cactus beat me to it, so I’ll eliminate the quote and just state my agreement with it.

    There is no evidence that armed police would do anything to ameliorate a dangerous and/or deadly situation. There is a ton of evidence, however, that they cannot do so, and have not done so, while hiding behind trees, cars, and other cover, while murder rampages in the halls of academe.

    It would seem the only arms they really need is chalk for the dead body outlines and ballpoint pens to document the dead.

    However, allowing armed students who have their survival at stake and no ready access to a tree, a car and other cover would do something to lessen the impact and the frequency of such attacks.

    Anyway, even if the students could reach cover it wouldn’t help as the cops would have already appropriated it.