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Glock v. 1911 Shootout

Seen Les Jones’ joint. Unsurprisingly, a Glock won. But there were far more Glocks in the competition than 1911s.

7 Responses to “Glock v. 1911 Shootout”

  1. countertop Says:

    Well, wait.

    There wasn’t a winner. A Glock and a Full Size Golt 1991A1 both completed the course of fire. And the worst performing guns were Glocks.

  2. trainer Says:

    Wouldn’t want to try that with anything I own short of the Makarov. Certainly not my KImber Stainless II full sized 1911. Trusting any auto in that kind of contest would be problematical.

    Intesting tho.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Counter, the thread called if for the Glock because it finished faster.

  4. countertop Says:

    Sure, but as they also explain throughout the discussion there its tough to call it for one or the other since so much depends on the skill of the individual shooters. I suspect that the guy who won would probably stand a decent chance of winning whether he was shooting with a Glock or a 1911.

  5. Horse Says:

    trainer- a big 10-4 on the Makarov! I own 4 of them., 2 Bulgarians, a Russian, and an East German. While I love my 1911’s, my Makarovs are by far my most reliable weapons. Maybe a little underpowered, but considering a little bang or no bang….i’ll take the little bang.

  6. trainer Says:

    Over 5000 rounds of the cheapest 9×18 milsurp I could find and it never failed to feed, fire, or fling…and that’s even with the weakest Wolff springs to keep the ejected brass in the same county.

    I love my Mak. Recently switched to a .380 barrel and now over 500 rounds with the same reliability. As reliable as a revolver.

  7. JR Says:

    There is now a Spring match announced.

    1000 Round Semi Auto Pistol Match 4/26/2008