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Zero tolerance

Student suspended for having shotgun shells in her car.

3 Responses to “Zero tolerance”

  1. #9 Says:

    Seems more like zero intelligence than zero tolerance. Idiot bureaucrats.

  2. Blounttruth Says:

    I can remember all the many, many, many days at high school taking not only 5 boxes of shells, but my shotgun as well to hunt dove, squirrel, grouse, or whatever was in season at the time. It was always in its soft case, but it was in a rack on the driver side back window in plain view, and sometimes sat above my model 94 Winchester of which I had at least 20-30 rounds (ready for bear/hog). Our principal Mr. Lillard was a knife collector, so if someone was turned in for having a knife he took you in his office and showed you his collection for 20-30 minutes, talked to you about keeping your knife out of site, and guess what…. in all the years before and after Mr. Lillard was there I can not recall one shooting or stabbing, he later passed away from cancer and the rule Naziís came in and that is when the trouble started .
    The issue today is that educators do not have any common sense at all, and should not be put in a position if they cannot tell the difference between a real threat and a shell sitting in a car. This should be an eye opener for the parents at this high school, it would make one wonder that if they cannot distinguish a shell from a threat, are they capable of assessing when there is a real threat?


  3. straightarrow Says:

    When these parent open their eyes they should withhold their children’s attendance at school. Let the school lose all the federal money per student/ per day.

    If they do not do something to rein in this rampant disregard for good sense and responsibility their child will be next. Its a piss poor parent that won’t take a protective stand for his children.

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