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Don’t taze me bro follow up

So, the kid gets off: A University of Florida student who was shocked with a Taser after persistently questioning Sen. John Kerry will avoid criminal charges by apologizing and complying with terms of a voluntary 18-month probation, authorities said Tuesday.

17 Responses to “Don’t taze me bro follow up”

  1. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    I figured this would happen, I imagine he gives up his right to sue in exchange for the deal.

  2. blackfork Says:

    Doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me.

  3. Jim W Says:

    What did he do wrong again?

  4. Ron W Says:

    What law did he violate?

    Oh, he asked Kerry about his membership (along with George W. Bush) in the Skull and Bones secret society? As I remember from the video clip, he was accosted and forcibly removed immediately after asking that question. Who were those guy??

    Let that be a lesson, we dare not question the elite ruling class about their secretive and arrogant elitism.

  5. straightarrow Says:

    My God! The nerve! He actually questioned a politician. He may not have been polite,but nothing he did was criminal, well except for some made up crimes meant to make us malleable.

  6. anon Says:

    Go over to Michelle Malkins blog and read the eye-witness accounts. You’ll have a lot less sympathy for the little shite. Getting tazed wasn’t about asking questions, it was about intentionally disrupting/causing a disturbance at a public event.


  7. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Are you fucking kidding? “What did he do wrong?”

    The dude was making a scene from the get-go, and with Kerry being a sitting Senator which raised red flags. He cut the questions line (breaking the rules of the Q&A format) Kerry let him ask his question anyway, but when his time was up he refused to leave. (Trespass) he then resisted arrest and actully fought back against the officers.

    Lawdog, being smarter than me can explain the rest here:

    18 months probation is a bit light IMHO.

  8. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Being an a$$ isn’t enough to get you arrested. It is, however, enough to get you ejected from a privately sponsered event even if it is open to the public.

    Don’t believe me, walk into any restaurant and start loudly harrassing the management. See how long you last before the cops are called to remove you, especially after proving you can’t be appeased.

    If the idiot had simply walked out with the cops, they likely would have escorted him out the door and turned him loose. They might not have even written up an incident report.

    What got him in trouble was fighting back. And that, is what he was arrested for.

  9. gattsuru Says:

    Staying in any privately owned or maintained building (and many public ones) after you’ve been asked to leave by the owner or his or her employees is trespassing. He could have been charged with resisting arrest, as well.

  10. Les Jones Says:

    Yep, watch the way he breaks free from the first two police who were escorting him from the room by throwing his arms and elbows into the air and running back towards Kerry. Then he breaks free from more police, over and over, in a running scuffle. I’ve got no sympathy for the guy’s stunt.

  11. straightarrow Says:

    I don’t like the dickhead, but if we can no longer speak perhaps Kerry shouldn’t be allowed to either.

    I once had a cop tell me to shut up when I tried to tell him I hadn’t been on the road the accident happened and I had proof.

    I told him he could apologize or get the Hell gone but he wasn’t getting away with that shit. I would have badly hurt him, very seriously badly. No one steals my citizenship. As luck would have it, he was called away just then to go help with the actual guy they were looking for and had just caught. I screamed at him to bring his chickenshit ass back. But, of course, he didn’t.

    As far as the guy in this story goes, nobody was in any danger of any harm, until cops grabbed him. If I grab you and subsequently beat your ass, is it justified because you should have just folded up?

  12. Jim W Says:

    But Kerry said that he was ok with answering the question. The cops ignored Kerry and tazed/tackled him anyway. This is complete BS. The cops should be reprimanded for overreacting when they should have known better and the kid should be suing.

  13. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Kerry was not the proprieter of the event. He doesn’t get a say in the matter, so the fact he didn’t mind is irrelevent.

    And SA, you are still missing the point. He was not tossed out for the content of his “speach”. He was asked to leave by management for behaving like an a$$. THEY HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO DO THAT.

    Again, don’t believe me? Walk into any restaurant and loudly harrass the management/customers/waiters and see how long you last until they ask you to leave.

    Then refuse. And continue the harrassment. See how long it is before the cops show up to remove you. By force if necessary.

    As gattsuru points out, refusing to leave when the owner/proprieter has asked you to leave is trespassing.

    Last time I checked, that was a crime.

    And frankly, if one refuses to “fold up” for a lawful arrest: Well, good luck with that.

  14. straightarrow Says:

    Ok, fine by me. But then don’t invite the public, for damn sure don’t charge admission. Keep it private.

  15. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Charge people admission. You mean like the bill for your dinner tab?

    Or the ticket to get into the high school baseball game?

    Or the sitting fee for photo’s at Sears?

    All of those places “invite the public” and charge you for the service provided.

    And all of them reserve the right to kick you out for making a nuisance of yourself.

  16. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Better yet, I propose an experiment:

    Go to Six Flags (or similar theme park), a place that both invites the public (it does advertise heavily to get people to go there) and charges admission (too much if you ask me).

    Start verbally abusing the teenager that runs one of the roller coasters and refuse to stop.

    See what happens.

  17. straightarrow Says:

    Surely you aren’t so dim as to not see the difference in a public political debate and the quiet enjoyment of a dinner?

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