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More Being Evil

Recall my fight with Google Ad Sense (note: even though I pointed them to my other sites, they haven’t pulled the ads yet, which I find odd). Any way, here’s another. Seems if you don’t like Barack Hussein Obama ads, they’ll drop you. Meanwhile, moveon ads are always peachy.

Google Ad Sense posts from the past:

No guns but go ahead and advertise hookers.

More email.

Google will advertise gun stuff at their site.

And at mine (look left).

3 Responses to “More Being Evil”

  1. Steve @ The Firearm Blog Says:

    The site

    keeps asking me for a password.

    Saysuncle, what sites do you run apart from and

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Shooters’ Carnival.

  3. Call me Ahab » Blog Archive » Hey Gmail Says:

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