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Jayne Lyn Stahl Update

In an update to Poster Child For The NRA, it seems Jayne Lyn Stahl was in no way responsible for that disgusting image. She stated to me that:

I had nothing to do with the photo/logo, nor wouold I ever do anything that gross and reprehensible.

and I asked her to clarify:

Yep; I had nothing to do with that nor would I ever have anything to do with something as repugnant and disgusting as that. I totally agree with you and your readers that using the NRA logo in a way like that (or the logo of any organization) would be vile and repulsive. Thanks for asking. I respect your right to your opinion, and I respect the NRA as I do any law-abiding organization

I think the Atlantic Free Press is the culprit here.

I believe her.

Update: And you can stop bugging her now. She’s not responsible for the image and, I think, realizes her title of Poster Child For The NRA may have been over the top. And that’s a good thing.

Go Team Uncle!

4 Responses to “Jayne Lyn Stahl Update”

  1. SayUncle » Another Poster Child For The NRA Says:

    […] See update here. you can stop bugging her now. Shes not responsible for the image and, I think, realizes her title […]

  2. Sebastian-PGP Says:

    That said…did you read her articles? Apparently it’s the NRA’s fault John Lennon died.

    She might not have made that image…but she’s still batshit insane.

  3. Adam Lawson Says:

    but shes still batshit insane.

    Exactly. She still said: Interestingly, as you know, police officers in Great Britain don’t carry guns, and that country has a much lower incidence of violent crime.

  4. Robohobo Says:

    She said:

    …how can any reasonable person possibly expect anyone who has access to a gun not to model the kind of obscene, irrational behavior that destroyed the lives of six…

    Which really means that she expects any who do have access to firearms to become a multiple murderer because of that access. That is thinking of a deranged mind in my book.

    But, where does this supposed magazine she writes for come from? Canada? The that would explain the socialist leanings of the morons.