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Chicks and guns

Err, moderately safe for work and lots of unsafe gun handling. But, you know, who can’t watch chicks in bikinis firing belt fed machine guns?

8 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Actually, me.

    Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with women in bikinis. There’s even something hot about chicks and guns. But these types of videos are exactly what the Bradys look for when stereotyping us gunnies.

    The lack of safety here is appalling. No eye protection. No hearing protection. Spraying from side to side and from the hip.

    No thanks.

  2. Boyd Says:

    But still…

    Chubby time.

  3. What’s not to like about that? at Traction Control Says:

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  4. HardCorps Says:

    They had hearing protection, and it’s not vital to have eye protection.

    This is exactly what we need to ‘attract’ new gun owners and keep the fight for automatic weapon freedom. Man – I really want a Steyr TMP right now!!!

  5. Robb Allen Says:

    I didn’t see the hearing protection, but then again long, flowing hair can easily hide plugs. As for eye protection, I have a nice scar that says, yes, it is vital (without my glasses, the scar would have evolved into loss of vision).

    Again, don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely something that increases groin turgidity, but personally I don’t think it attracts anything more than young males in college, and more importantly, it doesn’t attract those who vote on such issues. In my opinion, it simply looks like what the Brady campaign tells everyone we look like – a bunch of knuckledraggers who get off on such things.

    NOW. My penchant for being a prude out of the way, I whole heartedly support the notion that if some chick wants to don a skimpy bikini and show off what the good doctor gave her while spitting hot brass everywhere then she should be able to.

    Without the “government’s approval”.

    I also don’t think these videos are there to help us win our recognition of our rights back, but to make a quick buck of of someone’s uncontrolled hormones. God bless them, for it, but I’m just uncomfortable as standing behind something like this as a great way to steer people towards our cause.

    ‘Cuz there’s a lot of prudes like me out there 😉

  6. Kristopher Says:

    Nice brass catchers!

  7. Jay G Says:

    Aside from the lack of protective eye wear, I found the muzzle climb on some of the guns to be frightening… LOTS of rounds going WAY over berms, unless they’re in a caldera…

  8. SayUncle » Speaking of Chicks and Guns Says:

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