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Another Poster Child For The NRA

From NRA’s Freedom’s Voice by Glen A. Caroline, Director of NRA-ILA Grassroots Division

Those who know even a little something about NRA would read this headline and immediately conjure up images of a renowned competitive shooter, an accomplished sportswoman, someone who bravely and legally used a gun for self-defense, or maybe a patriot who stands up for freedom when it is attacked.

Well, if you’re Jayne Lyn Stahl, your image is that of a murderer.

In an October 9 Atlantic Free Press article by that title, Stahl equates the off-duty deputy sheriff in Wisconsin who shot and killed six innocent people in cold blood with the typical NRA Member. Specifically, Ms. Stahl writes, “While one often thinks of Charleton (sic) Heston when thinking about the NRA, in this age of the cowboy, any gun-toting madman will do just as well.” Need more? Stahl also opined, “This officer who fired his gun, and took the lives of six isn’t the only poster child for the NRA; each of his victims is, too.”

“Misguided” is the most benign adjective I can use to describe her assessment. More appropriate descriptions include “ignorant,” “insulting,” “outrageous.”

Imagine equating an organization of nearly 4,000,000 members, that dedicates itself to preserving the rights of law-abiding citizens to choose to legally own guns, while also calling for the strict enforcement and punishment of those who break the law, with a cold-blooded killer. Stahl’s offensive comparison shrieks of ignorance, disregarding NRA’s actions and deeds.

Comparing a group whose 62,000-plus certified instructors train 1,000,000 Americans annually in firearms safety and responsibility, to someone who would undertake such a heinous act? I’d call that insulting. If not, perhaps I don’t understand the meaning of the word.

An organization that counts among its staff, national officers, and members current and retired law enforcement professionals, representative of a murderer? That’s not just
outrageous, it’s damn outrageous!

We haven’t even discussed perhaps the most disturbing part of Stahl’s slanderous piece. Along with her viciously misguided words was a photo of the shooter, along with the NRA logo (used without permission), and the following caption: “Proudly enabling sick nuts to carry out violent revenge for fantasies for 136 years.”

NRA reserves its support for the Second Amendment to lawful and responsible citizens. It appears when it comes to the First Amendment, Ms. Stahl and the Atlantic Free Press fail to qualify in this latter category.

It is troubling to say the least when a professional writer, with either absolutely no factual information about NRA or who we are, is able to pen a piece equating our four million members with a murderer.

Ms. Stahl, shame on you for your outrageous, insulting display of ignorance.

To contact the Atlantic Free Press : Click here

Update: See update here. you can stop bugging her now. She’s not responsible for the image and, I think, realizes her title of Poster Child For The NRA may have been over the top. And that’s a good thing.

Go Team Uncle!

16 Responses to “Another Poster Child For The NRA”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Does Ms. Stahl call for disarming the police and all other government agents who carry weapons? It would seem that would be the most specific and bigotted group villification she could make from this situation resulting from a CRIMINAL action by ONE INDIVIDUAL.

  2. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » Jayne Lyn Stahl Says:

    […] I guess Atlantic Free Press isn’t all that concerned about appearing objective and avoiding sensationalizing an issue, or they wouldn’t be smearing NRA members. […]

  3. # 9 Says:

    That is way over the top. I am not so sure that is ignorance as much as it is agenda.

  4. markm Says:

    So to Ms. Stahl it’s the NRA’s fault that a police officer was armed! What planet is she from?

  5. Unix-Jedi Says:

    Ms Stahl just is ahead of her time.
    Seriously. After us proles are disarmed, well, there’s no need for off-duty police to have weaponry. Otherwise, us dangerous NRA types will just all.. go be cops.
    Can’t have that.
    So the next step is to insist that only on-duty, trusted officers are armed, and at the end of the shift, you hand it back in and sign the logbook.

    She’s just screwing up and letting us see the future before it’s advantageous. Of course, it also won’t be noticed by most of those who it would affect the most, so her faux paux shall largely go unnoticed, except by those who are appalled at the NRA comparision.

  6. Papa Ray Says:

    You got to the party really late. You should have seen the many, many comments from people calling her out, calling her stupid, calling her…well you get the idea.

    They are all long gone (the comments) and the only ones left agree with her naturally.

    Me…I’m too old to leave comments for stupid people anymore. I just wish upon them what they deserve.

    They will collect it someday.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  7. Rustmeister Says:

    Actually, Unc found this on the 9th.

    So much stupid, indeed.

  8. SayUncle Says:

    Yeah, i found it, but I was pimping the NRA getting on it since folks think they don’t do that.

  9. SayUncle » Jayne Lyn Stahl Update Says:

    […] an update to Poster Child For The NRA, it seems Jayne Lyn Stahl was in no way responsible for that disgusting image. She stated to me […]

  10. Cactus Jack Says:

    “an update to Poster Child For The NRA, it seems Jayne Lyn Stahl was in no way responsible for that disgusting image.”

    After reading her other articles on OPED news I would’nt put it past her. Hell, she lies incessantly on her articles, why would’nt she lie about “that disgusting image” as well?

  11. SayUncle Says:

    jack, i’ve been engaging her offline. I think it’s not intentional and that she’s just uninformed.

  12. Cactus Jack Says:

    Ok uncle, if you believe Jayne had nothing to do with the pic it’s good by me. However, this should be a wakeup call to Jayne to get informed BEFORE posting anything because her Oct. 7 OPED news article shows that she’s anything BUT informed.

    I wont apologize for or withdraw my comments about her integrity as I dont believe she has any.

  13. SayUncle » Jayne Lyn Stahl Update Says:

    […] here and here. Seems she’s getting tons of hate mail. Her email address disappeared from here last […]

  14. DirtCrashr Says:

    It’s classic Liberal me-first Projection, when they talk about “violent revenge for fantasies for 136 years.” they’re really pretty much describing redistributive Marxism and it’s effects on the planet. Besides Stalin and Mao, their assassin poster-child is Che the cowardly murderer who shot bound men, women and children people in the back of the head – no thanks to the NRA…

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