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More ATF Woes

In the 2008 appropriations bill:

The Committee has heard reports that ATF has pursued violation revocations and denials against firearms dealers based on violations that consist largely of record keeping errors of various types that are unlikely to impede tracing investigations or prosecution of individuals who use firearms in crime. The Committee encourages ATF to consider lesser gradation of sanctions for record keeping errors.

Past ATF problems:

Unethical and illegal actions from field managers.

Lying in court and getting slapped for it.

Bullying bloggers

Lying (or time-traveling) to make a case that one of their auditees is harassing them.

A circuit court smacks them down for their ruling on model rockets;

An agent testified under oath that the NFRTR (the NFA weapons database) was corrupt;

Having budget issues due to mismanagement;

Being investigated for breaking he law at Virginia gun shows.

And they’ve had funds cut for some of their rather, err, dubious programs.

The ATF Director has resigned over excessive and lavish spending.

The now former head of the ATF ordered staff to do his nephew’s homework.

And employees are coming forward with allegations of mismanagement.

And getting smacked down for disregarding the law.

3 Responses to “More ATF Woes”

  1. emdfl Says:

    Hasn’t seemed to make a damn bit of difference in their actions.

  2. HKL Says:

    Thanks for posting on the ATF. They desperatly need reeled in.

  3. SayUncle » ATF Abuses Update Says:

    […] noted the language criticizing ATF in the apprporations bill. I got an email from Glen Caroline at NRA noting: Based on our discussion at the GBR, I thought […]

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