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I had somehow missed this:

To be quite honest, the majority of the response I got to my first blog on gun control was negative and angry, and it got me down quite a bit. But, the majority of the arguments I saw were also better, more thought out, and much more educated than the ones that I had previously come in contact with. It certainly was enough to change my mind.


Yes, I have changed my mind on the gun control issue. I really want to note, though, that it was only because of the responses that were written kindly which convinced me.

Look what happens when there is actual reasoned discourse.

Via reader Clint.

2 Responses to “Conversion”

  1. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » It Works Says:

    […] can change people’s minds by being respectful and making good arguments.  It’s exactly why the other side won’t […]

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    I’m willing to be the ratio of conversions are sharply in our favor. While I’m sure there are quislings who will trade your rights to protect theirs, I think that being a gunny is a permanent thing. Anti’s get their minds changed from time to time, but I’m betting it’s a one way street.

    Of course, I only speak from the gut, from all the anti tripe I read there’s so few people who used to own guns but then decided they were evil and then fought against them.